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The front glasses of the car experience the greatest load in motion and this load is dynamic - acceleration, braking, turns, irregularities. And it is under dynamic loads that the front glass strut manifests itself. As a rule, the mudguard and the glass are fixed from below on the spar, in some cases the motor shield is adjacent to the glass, but there is no power element directly between the right and left glasses, therefore, during the movement of the car, the front glasses make micromovements.

Such a displacement (convergence) of glasses is a negative phenomenon. First, there is a delay in steering response, because before the car responds to the steering wheel rotation and makes a turn, the outer glass is displaced under load. Secondly, instead of the suspension, the bumps are worked out by the body, which leads to creaks of the interior panels, rocking. Hence the third: increased susceptibility to ruts on the road. Fourth, accelerated wear of the body, which results in cracks on the front glasses, in the corners of their docking with the mudguard and wing, as well as on the boom under the wing.


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